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Tentax Royal


  • Himalaya Tentex Royal targets the root cause of the problem by supporting normal communication between the nervous system and blood flow. It helps reduce age-related stress linked with physical stamina thus providing improvement of performance, endurance, energy and other men’s health related benefits.
  • ALL NATURAL MULTI-HERB COMBINATION – The impressive list of multi herb ingredients in Tentex Royal for MORE EFFECTIVE results includes: Tribulus Terrestris known as a natural testosterone booster, Kokilaksha, Crocus Sativus, Vathada & Blepharis Edulis making it one of the best alternative booster supplement recommended for men. Check IMAGES for detailed BENEFITS.
  • PROVEN AYURVEDIC FORMULA – Himalaya Tentex Royal is an all natural booster for men formulated from safe and effective herbal ingredients providing support for sustainable and healthy energy levels and increased stamina.
  • SAFE FOR LONG TERM USE – This non-hormonal herbal supplement is 100% Natural and Safe for Long Term Use as it’s Lactose Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free & Gluten Free.
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