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Hi Lady Virgin Wash


shake bottle before use. moisten cotton wool with 2 content insert into vagina immediately after bathing and keep it till the next bath and to be repeated every 2 days

Material to be use in applying: Cotton

How to use it:
1.You take a sizable amount of cotton.
2. Wet it with the solution (hi lady intimate wash product).
3. Insert cotton into vagina immediately.
4. it can be done in the morning after taking your bath or in the evening before bed time.
5. No side effect.

• Prevents any distinctive smell after menstruation
• Cleanses virginal discharge
• It prevents dryness and virginal yeast infection
• It stops virginal itching’s

• Product: 100% herbal(natural)
• volume: 50ml
• container: Plastic

what’s in the box
1x bottle of hi lady virgin intimate wash




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