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Forprost 400 soft Gel Capsules


Forprost 400 is one of our top sellers. Thanks to its contents, Forprost 400 presents a triple action on prostate:

·         Forprost 400 has a myorelaxant Activity;

·         Forprost 400 has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity;

·         Forprost 400 has an antiandrogenic and antiproliferative activity.

Forprost 400 is preservative free, has no side effects and does not alter PSA tests.

Forprost® 400 Flogo has an innovative and patented formula, specifically developed to fight prostatitis.

Forprost® 400 Flogo has the highest Serenoa-repens sterolic-lipidic concentration on the market.

Forprost® 400 Flogo promotes four actions:

·         Forprost® 400 Flogo has an Antiphlogistic action on the prostate;

·         Forprost® 400 Flogo has a Myorelaxant action on the lower urinary tract;

·         Forprost® 400 Flogo has a potentiating action on antibiotic therapies;

·         Forprost® 400 Flogo has a preventive action on hyperplastic reactions.

Forprost® 400 Flogo has no side effects.

Forprost® 400 Beta has a patented and innovative formula, specifically devised to fight BPH in elderly patients.

Forprost® 400 Beta promotes three synergistic actions for prostate well-being:

·         Forprost® 400 Beta has an antiproliferative and proapoptotic action;

·         Forprost® 400 Beta has a myorelaxant action;

·         Forprost® 400 Beta contrasts prostate inflammation.

The entire Forprost® line of products is gluten-free.

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